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Introducing Ourselves:

We are Lili and Georges Duriaux – Chavarría, small farmers from Nicaragua. El Jaguar is a family run farm, and our main goal is to produce high quality environmental friendly coffee in harmony with nature, and with the community as well.

Mission: To protect the biodiversity of 85 hectares (215 acres) of cloud forest and to produce high quality environmentally friendly coffee in harmony with nature and with the community.

Values: Environment protection and social sustainability

Vision: El Jaguar Preserve has become a model of sustainability with three components: environmental protection, sustainable production and social responsibility.

Harmony with Nature and Biodiversity: El Jaguar is a private family run farm that produce high quality sustainable coffee, in harmony with the community and the surrounding ecosystem. The giant oak and fern trees within the forest provide perfect shelter for a large diversity of plant and animal life. 95 hectares (240 acres) of protected cloudforest surround the farm. Within these woods can be found rare orchids and giant ferns trees dating back to Jurassic times. El Jaguar was declared an Important Bird Area (IBA) in 2006 by BirdLife International because of its worldwide significance.

Eco-tourism Project: To help us protect the nature in El Jaguar, we have open the farm to visitors that are interested in nature, environmental protection, birdwatching and eco-friendly coffee production. Therefore, we have built 4 cabins with 6 apartments to lodge 21 people. We have also built a biological station to lodge researchers and students. There are 6 different trails to walk through the reserve and do birdwatching.

We are a Private Natural Reserve certified by Nicaragua Natural Resources Agency(MARENA):

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Resolución Ministerial N° 013 – 2005

History of the farm: The farm has been in family hands for more than 50 years, and the forest has been protected by the different generations that have worked in it.
Enjoy pure nature at El Jaguar. Come and be part of our eco adventure project.

Lili and Georges Duriaux – Chavarría



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