Introducing Ourselves:

We are Lili and Georges Duriaux – Chavarría, small farmers from Nicaragua. El Jaguar is a family run farm, and our main goal is to produce high quality environmental friendly coffee in harmony with nature, and with the community as well.

Mission:To protect the biodiversity of 200 acres of cloud forest and to produce high quality environmentally friendly coffee in harmony with nature and with the community.

Values: Environment protection and social sustainability

Vision: The Jaguar Preserve has become a model of sustainable production with its components of environment protection, organic production and social sustainability.

Harmony with Nature and Biodiversity

El Jaguar is a private family run farm that produce high quality organic coffee, in perfect harmony with the community and the surrounding ecosystem. The giant oak and fern trees within the forest provide perfect shelter for a large diversity of plant and animal life. 70 acres of protected cloud forest and 35 acres of managed woods surrounds the farm. Within these woods can be found rare orchids and giant ferns trees dating back to Jurassic times.

Eco-tourism Projects: Although, our main goal is to produce high quality environmental friendly coffee, we have the farm open to visitors that are interested in the organic coffee production, and also in the environment protection. Therefore, we have built a biological station and a log cabin with two apartments to lodge eco tourists and researchers. There are 6 different trails to walk through the reserve.

History and description of the farm:
The farm has been in family hands for more than 50 years, and the forest has been protected by the different generations that have worked in it.

Enjoy pure nature at El Jaguar. Come and be part of our eco adventure project.

Lili and Georges Duriaux – Chavarría


Relying Facts
• El Jaguar has been chosen as one of the 4 sites in Nicaragua to monitor “over-wintering survival” – MoSI –. The MoSIs are sponsored by the Institute for Bird Populations from California and ALAS. Are carried out monthly from November to March in the Caribbean, Mexico and. The MoSIs in El Jaguar are also sponsored by the owners.

• In 2006 The Jaguar Private Preserve have been selected IBA (Important Bird Area) by the BirdLife International

• Migratory birds reproduce themselves in the United States, Canada and Alaska during summer, and as fall is near they migrate to the Caribbean, Central and South America, looking for warmer weather and food.

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We love coffee. More specifically, we love great coffee. Just like you do. In fact, we’re quite passionate about it. Which is why we formed this company—because we believe every cup of coffee should be exceptional.



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